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Pegida demo

The enemy of my enemy: Europe’s Jews and the far right

The enemy of my enemy: Europe’s Jews and the far right By Jonathan Fenton-Harvey From the unprecedented success of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) in this month’s state elections in Germany, to the Front National’s defeat of its pro-establishment adversaries in last December’s local French elections, a ground-breaking political revolution is sweeping Europe and is […]

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Holocaust survivor Hedy Epstein, wearing a t-shirt with the Arabic slogan 'Gaza on my mind' encircled with a drawing of barbed wire, poses in front of one of the peace boats docked at the southern Cypriot port of Larnaca on their way to the Gaza Strip on August 21, 2008. Two converted fishing boats carrying 40-odd activists are due to set sail from Cyprus tomorrow for the 370 kilometre (230 mile) sea voyage to Gaza in a bid to break the Israeli blockade. AFP PHOTO/STEFANOS KOURATZIS (Photo credit should read STEFANOS KOURATZIS/AFP/Getty Images)

BDS Activist to Represent Holocaust Survivors at Austrian State Event

BDS activist to represent Holocaust survivors at Austrian state event Austria invited Hedy Epstein, a Jewish pro-Palestinian activist whom the Anti-Defamation League criticized for demonizing Israel, to represent Holocaust survivors at a panel discussion about women during World War II. In invitations sent out Friday by the office of the president of the Austrian parliament, […]

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Jordan's King Abdullah II

Jordan won’t Extradite Paris Kosher Restaurant Attack Suspects

French terror victims’ group ‘astounded’ as Jordanian government uses technicality to allow terrorists behind 1982 attack to walk free. Jordan has rejected an extradition request from France for two suspects accused of carrying out a 1982 deadly attack on a Jewish restaurant in Paris, a judicial source said Wednesday. The alleged mastermind of the attack, which […]

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The Fourth Reich…

The Fourth Reich… By David Semple Staff writers of German newspaper, Der Spiegel, wrote an article early last year entitled, “The Fourth Reich: What Some Europeans See when They Look At Germany”. (March 23rd 2015). They interviewed a former Greek resistance fighter from the Second World War, now a Syriza Party MEP, who said that […]

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