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‘Money Jews’: Socialism’s anti-Semitism problem

By JMA editor Richard Mather Poverty is bad. Workers require decent wages to survive. Women and men are equal. I ascribe to these views. Many people do. But these were also the ideals of a French socialist philosopher from the early nineteenth century. His name was Francois Fourier and he hated Jews. According to Fourier, capitalism […]

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Islamists ‘influencing’ UK parties ahead of election

By JMA editor Richard Mather A Conservative Party source has told the Jewish Media Agency (JMA) that an organisation called Muslim Engagement and Development (Mend) is trying to influence Tory party candidates standing in the upcoming General Election in Britain. The source, who wishes to remain anonymous, said that when he first heard Mend chief […]

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UK Election 2015: Miliband, the Philistines Are Upon You!

“The Philistines are upon you” – Judges 16:20 By David Semple  The word Palestine derives from Philistine, which means “invader.” Biblical scholars trace the word to the Semitic root p-l-s, which means “to divide” or “invade.” The Philistines lived in Gaza and came from islands in the Aegean Sea, circa 12th century BCE). They were […]

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UK Election 2015: Miliband’s Marxist Mission

By David Semple  Edward Miliband, the leader of the British Labour Party, is the son of a Marxist hackademic. You can see what he’s all about when you look at what he’s done to the Labour Party. Tony Blair had taken the old Labour Party of tax and spend and modernised it. Blair’s greatest achievement […]

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