Manchester’s Palestine Quarter

By David Semple

Together with some friends, I’m out drinking late-night coffees in Rusholme, a suburb in South Manchester which is known as the Curry Mile, once famous for its Indian restaurants but now more popular for its shisha bars. We call it Wahabi Mile, since the area has turned into an Arab quarter during in recent years. Perhaps we should call it the Muslim Quarter instead, but it’s not the only Muslim neighbourhood in Manchester. There are many almost exclusively Muslim neighbourhoods in Manchester, including Longsight, Whalley Range, Cheetham Hill, Bolton and Oldham, in addition to Rusholme. However, Rusholme is the most famous and, for tourists, the most popular.
When sitting outside the many coffee shops down Wahabi Mile, you feel as if you are no longer in England. Rusholme is the Middle East. Most women wear burkas or hijabs, although many hot young Pakistani girls, dressed like Essex Girls in tight clothes, walk by parading their glamor in front of Mullahs and Imams, as Arab women with their endless line of children walk around chaotically. Pakistani families do not approve of these Westernized girls. Pakistani boys will not marry them. So the young Pakistani girls lead a Westernized lifestyle outside the home, trying to live the life of normal young English girls outside their community, until they finally end up finding Arabs as husbands, after which they retreat from English life into the more traditional Muslim life they briefly tried to escape.
Many years ago I produced a feature film in which a young Palestinian girl born in Canada fights for her right to be a Canadian and not a Middle Eastern, in the face of traditional parents who found it hard to be Canadian. Those were the days of the First Intifada. Arafat had not yet got control of Palestinian education in Judea and Samaria. The Oslo Accords were yet to come. The family in our movie was Christian and not Muslim.
The average Palestinian Arab was not yet the radicalized Muslim extremist that he or she is today, when ISIS is inspiring a new generation of Palestinians to embrace genocidal jihad towards Israel and the West. Hundreds of thousands of bitter Palestinian youths have immigrated to Europe in recent years. They hate Israel. They hate the West. They hate us. A Palestinian acquaintance from Jerusalem recently told me that his people hated the traditional Arab leadership and now want to embrace ISIS. The Islamic State is to the Palestinians as Jeremy Corbyn is to the Jew-hating Occupy generation that is rising in England out of the shipwreck of England’s devastatingly poor education system.
Palestinians in Europe and America are inspiring a wave of anti-Semitism that has reached levels unknown since the days of Adolf Hitler. It’s safe to say that the extreme Palestinian Jew-hatred created by the Arafat/Abbas generation inside Israel and the West Bank is now spreading through Europe, Britain and the New World like a firestorm. Hatred of Jews and Israel rises with number of Palestinian immigrants moving into the West. Palestinians are the source of the cancerous BDS movement that is feeding hatred of Jews and Israel in the West, a Western World which is being very rapidly being reduced to a state of dhimmitude when it comes to confronting Islamic and Palestinian terrorism and mass immigration.
Today in Manchester we have Palestinian and Libyan and Somalian gangs fighting turf wars in the Muslim neighbourhoods of Manchester. Often the disputes are about drugs. Sometimes about girls. More often they fight the wars in the Middle East on the streets of Manchester. In the afternoon we witnessed Somalian youths, born and raised in England, violently attacking an English-born Pakistani outside a Turkish supermarket in Longsight. Suddenly, we were in a Muslim war zone more violent that the gang wars of the growing English underclass. In fact, the Somalian youths slashing each other with bottles and bashing metal rods onto the cars of their rival gangsters are the new English underclass. In the late evening and the early hours of the new day, we find ourselves in the Wahabi Mile, witnessing Palestinian and other Arabs fighting Kurdish people on Wilmslow Road.
The war between Palestine’s ISIS and refugees from Kurdish Iraq and Syria is there, out in the open, on the streets of Manchester, for all of us to see. As we leave the Ariana Restaurant, an Afghani eatery which makes cheap Persian food, there is an incident on the sidewalk of Wilmslow Road acting out in front of our eyes. A group of Kurdish men, all in their early twenties, are facing off with some Palestinians outside the al Gaza shisha bar just down the road. After a short confrontation, the Palestinians retreat southward down the road while the Kurdish youths continue on their way northwards. We follow the Kurds up to the next block, then notice the Palestinians have turned westward down the road across from a cluster of shisha bars. There must be fifty Kurds and forty Palestinians running up and down Wilmslow Road at various times.

My friends and I follow the gangs up Wilmslow Road towards the Shell petrol station to the north. In front of a Kurdish kebab joint, right there on the main road for the general public to see, we witness twenty Palestinians, varying in age between twenty and thirty, beating up a young Kurdish guy. As the Palestinians punch the Kurdish guy in the head we can see that the latter is a real fighter. The young Kurd reaches into his pocket as his head is turned into a punching bag. Suddenly, he pulls pepper spray out of his jacket and starts spraying several of the Palestinians in their faces. We laugh with relief as the Kurdish guy runs away while the Palestinians put their hands in the pain-filled eyes and scream in agony. The young Kurdish guy is taken to the hospital in an ambulance, so badly wounded is he by the Palestinian mob. He could have been an Israeli in the West Bank, lucky to be alive.
About thirty minutes later, the Palestinians gathered together outside Al Gaza, opposite the coffee shop we are sitting in, and began to organize a reprisal. As we leave for home just after midnight, a group of about forty Palestinians gathered outside Al Baghdady’s shisha bar to get ready to rumble. There are no longer any Kurds in sight. They have gone home, their shops now closed. The Palestinian falafel shops are still open. They are night people, wandering around for drugs and girls. The Kurds are family people. As we drive away, we know the Kurds would come out again later, in during the early hours of the morning, to get their revenge against the Palestinians who beat up the young Kurdish guy. Palestinians are lousy fighters. The Kurds, on the other hand, are good fighters. The war between ISIS and the Kurds in the Middle East is alive and well and in Manchester.
At the last minute, before we can drive off, the Palestinians have finally spotted me. They hate me as much as they hate Israel. “Yahoody!” They scream at me. They repeat, “Yahoody, Yahoody”. This is Arabic for Jew. I have confronted many of these young Palestinians at BDS demonstrations against Jewish businesses. They hate me so much, they have put a picture of me on the Palestine Solidarity website with the words, “Don’t speak to this man”. I am not Jewish, but they think I work for “the Zionist conspiracy”. They have brought their little Palestinian Intifada to Manchester, England. That’s why they will never integrate into the West.

Finally, one of them puts his fist in the air and yells, “Free free Palestine”. They think it upsets me. But I am laughing at their pathetic behaviour. They repeat, over and over, “Free free Palestine, from the river to the sea”.
This is Manchester at midnight. The police are useless. Ethnic warfare is going out of control. Immigrants are fighting immigrants. All Muslims. They could easily take over whole suburbs of Manchester and the police could do nothing about it. It’s only a matter of time. As hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern migrants pour into Europe, many will be bringing their wars with them too. The same wars.

And we shall see similar incidents taking place across the European continent, in cities from Brussels and Paris in the west to Athens and Budapest in the east, with police forces unable to control the streets as Muslim immigrants assert their sovereignty in the former great cities of Britain and Europe. It’s not just immigrants who are fighting these inter-racial street wars. Many were born in England. They have not come to terms with England. Instead, they are fighting Middle Eastern wars on the streets of England, a country to which they have no real loyalty. Unlike the successful melting pot of the New World, the countries of the Old World, Britain, France, Germany and the rest of Europe, are not taking steps to integrate immigrants into the culture of the West. The immigrants are taking their lead from the underclass cultures of the illiterate unwashed masses from the council estates of England, those hoodies and chavs in criminal underworld we fear will one day destroy our neighbourhoods.

This is leading to the degrading of English cities, and the rise of a new concrete jungle sub-culture of Weimar Republic proportions. The Palestinians in England are the new Brown Shirts. Even the accents of the immigrant communities, the ones born here, are illegible. They speak a new form of Pidgin English that is not English. And the English underclass are increasingly, with each generation, speaking in this new accent, often called Jafaican by the London newspapers.
Look at Europe. Look at the hundreds of thousands of Muslims aimlessly walking the streets, highways and railway tracks of Europe. Europe and Britain may be a disaster zone sooner than we think. One recent video shows a gang of Arab youths on board a train, screaming and shouting at the European officials who are trying to offer the migrants free bottles of water. The Arabs violently throw the water bottles onto the railway tracks. Then they charge down the station platform, with their fists in the air, and their eyes full of hate, screaming “Alluhu Akbar!”

One Israeli friend in Jerusalem observed that, following a series of violent incidents this week involving Muslim migrants in Europe, the current refugee crisis in Europe will definitely lead to a rise of terrorism: “I think the vast majority of people, liberal Europeans, are quite sincere”, he told me “They sincerely feel for the innocent victims in Iraq and Syria, and associate them with the ‘refugees’ who flood Europe. It takes some mental effort to figure out that there is no connection whatever between those horrific pictures and the tsunami of refugees. All those who were injured, tortured, raped, discriminated against in the Middle East don’t make it into Europe! Or rather their percentage is painfully small. It’s the able bodied thugs who step on dead bodies, literally, then turn up in Berlin. When politically correct Westerners with no personal experience of the situation here in the Middle East weep ‘we want to help the Syrians’, they don’t have a clue. Here we are talking about Assad’s henchman, about ISIS rebels, about Hezbollah murderers, or about jihadis from Afghanistan and Pakistan and even Africa, who pretend to be Syrians, similar to the way in which any Arab who calls himself a Palestinian instantly becomes a bona fide “refugee”.
As I am writing this, thousands of pro-Palestinian supporters, mostly Muslims, demonstrated outside the gates of Downing Street in London’s Whitehall, protesting against a visit by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Britain. They flew the terrorist flags of Hezbollah and Hamas, illegal Islamist terrorist organizations who are at war with both the Jewish State and Judeo-Christian Civilization. They flew these Islamist flags in the capital of our nation, Great Britain, the country that brought freedom to the world. They committed acts of violence and exploded in a fury of antisemitism. The Islamists in London and Manchester are at war with Western values and human freedom. The pro-Palestinian mobs in both Manchester and London are at war with our nation, with a cheerleader named Jeremy Corbyn, the next leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition and a potential future Prime Minister. This is what happens when they bring Palestine to England.

David Semple is a filmmaker and writer from Canada. He is currently writing a book called Jerusalem in the Age of Imperialism and is writing a film script about Field Marshal Allenby’s Palestine campaign.

[The opinions, facts and any media content are presented solely by the author and do not necessarily represent the views of the Jewish Media Agency.]

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