10846452_1602915079930448_6721934932410331278_nBy JMA editor Richard Mather

So what (and who) is JMA?

The fifty days of Operation Protective Edge, the hostility of the media during that period and the upswing in anti-Semitic attacks in the summer of 2014, all had a galvanising impact on Jewish community groups. One grassroots organisation to be established in 2014 was the Jewish Media Agency (JMA),  based in Israel and the UK.

One of the key aims of JMA is to provide a counterweight to the negative news coverage of Israel, while also highlighting instances of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel bias in rival news organisations, as well as from politicians, governments, NGOs and charities.

By harnessing social media such as Facebook and Twitter, the Jewish Media Agency responds quickly to breaking and developing news stories. Everyone at JMA shares a vision and passion to promote Jewish news to a global audience, to talk about Jewish issues, to advocate for Israel, and to stand up to the bias of media organisations such as the BBC and CNN.

In May 2015, at the young age of ten months, JMA became a limited company. JMA continues to rebalance the perspective on Israel and to act as an alternative source of news and ideas for those who have grown sick of a diet of lies and deceit.

Meanwhile, editor-in-chief Richard Mather and the JMA team of writers from around the world are committed to producing op-eds, features and other original content, which can be found at

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